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Where I’m At: March/April/May 2012

Where Tovah’s Lecturing in the coming months March 10, 2012 ~ 11:30 Philadelphia Flower Show ~ Philadelphia, PA Lecture topic: The New Terrarium For more information: March 15, 2012 ~ 12:00 noon Bristol Garden Club ~ Bristol Public Library … Continue reading

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Clematis alpina ‘Blue Dancer’

So it’s come to this. Any of you who have been following my Confessions of a Clematis Serial Killer will know that my compost heap consist of 99% clematis remains. Literally, if forensics were to investigate, they’d find skeletons of … Continue reading

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Begonia sizemoreae

Everyone wants to look like a hero. We all try to leap tall buildings with a single bound. That’s one reason why I love Begonia sizemoreae. Grow this species from Vietnam, and everyone will assume you’re superhuman. They’ll take one … Continue reading

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I was taping the Martha Stewart Show today on terrariums! It aired live, but it will be rerunning tomorrow Feb. 3rd at 1:00 Eastern Time (12:00 Central) on the Hallmark Channel. I’ll try to get a link up ASAP. It … Continue reading

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Pelargonium ‘Crystal Palace Gem’

The only good thing that can be said about winter (just for the record: I’m not a skier and I don’t have a garage) is that it hasn’t been as brutal as usual. Yet. But if you’re reduced to tallying … Continue reading

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Festuca glauca ‘Elijah Blue’

This could change your life. You snicker. We’re talking houseplants, after all, not Occupy Wall Street. But doesn’t it really all start at home? And aren’t you sick to death of the same old, same old houseplants. Well, here’s liberation. … Continue reading

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Kale ‘White Peacock’

“Oh, just take it,” the nursery manager grumbled, clearly disgruntled that I walked right past his greenhouse packed with poinsettias without a second glance (there’s no accounting for taste) and opted instead for this leftover flowering kale. “I could pay … Continue reading

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Where I’m At Jan/Feb/Mar 2012

Where Tovah’s lecturing in the coming months. For more information and to look ahead, go to January 27 & 28, 2012 Callaway Gardens ~ Pine Mountain, GA Lecture Topics: January 27, 10:00 AM ~ Terrarium Workshop January 28, 8:00 … Continue reading

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Helianthus salicifolius ‘First Light’

Now it’s your turn. I need help. (Damsel in distress alert!) Originally, my intention when starting this blog was to get feedback on plants. Then I went straight into blabbering mode and shared all my favorites. Well, now I have … Continue reading

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Hypericum ‘Blue Velvet’

I wouldn’t want to be out on the street. Especially if I was evergreen. Can you imagine? Plow trucks. Sand trucks. I mean, it’s bad enough in the summer with the steady stream of vehicles whizzing by. In winter, it’s … Continue reading

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