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Hypericum ‘Blue Velvet’

I wouldn’t want to be out on the street. Especially if I was evergreen. Can you imagine? Plow trucks. Sand trucks. I mean, it’s bad enough in the summer with the steady stream of vehicles whizzing by. In winter, it’s … Continue reading

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Callicarpa dichotoma ‘Early Amethyst’

I’m not the weepy type. No sir, to me. Besides misting over whenever I hear the Mary Poppins version of “Feed the Birds Tuppence a Bag”, sobbing over The Velveteen Rabbit (that’s a children’s book?), and blubbering inconsolably whenever I … Continue reading

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Corylus avellana ‘Red Majestic’

You don’t need me to preach the Four Season Interest gospel. From your comments, I’m guessing that you’re all pretty well versed in these pursuits and no one needs to nudge you to make the scene stupendous throughout the year. … Continue reading

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Syringa ‘Bluets’

It’s coming into my office to find me again. Climbing in through the windows, pushing the curtains aside, floating over to the computer to lure me outside. Sometimes it throws its voice like a ventriloquist. Sometimes it spreads its sweetness … Continue reading

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Viburnum plicatum ‘Mary Milton’

I wait for Viburnum plicatum ‘Mary Milton’ to bloom the way other people anticipate their first slobbery bite of a field-grown summer tomato. Memories of ‘Mary Milton’ dribble through my consciousness during winter, making the dormant season bearable. Although you’d … Continue reading

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