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Clematis alpina ‘Blue Dancer’

So it’s come to this. Any of you who have been following my Confessions of a Clematis Serial Killer will know that my compost heap consist of 99% clematis remains. Literally, if forensics were to investigate, they’d find skeletons of … Continue reading

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Begonia sizemoreae

Everyone wants to look like a hero. We all try to leap tall buildings with a single bound. That’s one reason why I love Begonia sizemoreae. Grow this species from Vietnam, and everyone will assume you’re superhuman. They’ll take one … Continue reading

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I was taping the Martha Stewart Show today on terrariums! It aired live, but it will be rerunning tomorrow Feb. 3rd at 1:00 Eastern Time (12:00 Central) on the Hallmark Channel. I’ll try to get a link up ASAP. It … Continue reading

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