I was taping the Martha Stewart Show today on terrariums! It aired live, but it will be rerunning tomorrow Feb. 3rd at 1:00 Eastern Time (12:00 Central) on the Hallmark Channel. I’ll try to get a link up ASAP.

It was a truly awesome experience. So much fun. Martha was an incredible host (and chatted about begonias before and after the segment and through all the station breaks — never doubt that she is a plant nerd, because she’s every inch a gardener) and the crew was magnificent. I’ll get a new blog up this weekend, I promise. And you guessed it = it will be on a begonia.

Photograph copyrighted by Kindra Clineff

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  1. Heidi S. says:

    Oooh! How exciting I will have to see about recording it!

    P.S. I saw your book prominently displayed at Terrain recently. 🙂

    • Tovah Martin says:

      It was wayyyyy fun, Heidi. And it was my first live tv audience. There’s rumor that a Terrain might open in Westport, CT — I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Did anyone see the new West Elm catalog? Pages of great terrariums. I went to visit the store in NYC. They’re mighty cool…

  2. Tovah,
    That is terrific news. I’m glad to hear Martha is such a real deal plant person.

    • Tovah Martin says:

      Thank you so much, Michael. She really is a genuine horthead, Michael. Not only is she bonkers for begonias, but you should see her staghorn fern collection. And Andrea Mason — her gardener-on-set is phenomenal…

  3. kate swift says:

    I wish I could get the Hallmark channel so I could see the show. Charter Comm. is so lame. I love the snowdrop in the terrarium. What a treasure. How’d you do that?

    • Tovah Martin says:

      Hey Kate, I think we’ll get a clip to put up — so stay tuned. On the snowdrop — you know how snowdrops should be divided “in the green” — well Laura Evans (she also drove me down to do the Martha Stewart Show) dug and brought me that giant clump of snowdrops a few years ago. Why not display it before replanting it? Jerry Fritz from Linden Hill does scads of snowdrops like that for the Philly Show. They disappear like hotcakes. Maybe you should think of supplying your florists with snowdrops????
      The snowdrop picture is in the book. But this little number in the picture above is a Puschkinia scilloides ‘Alba’, I believe. I picked that up pre-forced at my local nursery and tucked it into a moss jar. When the puschkinia dies back, the moss takes over. Scillas are so easy to force, I do some in the refrig every year but they come and go fast like muscari.

  4. Lisa from PA says:

    Congratulations on your appearance on MS! Love the snowdrop terrarium. 🙂

    • Tovah Martin says:

      Oh thank you, Lisa! I had the time of my life (literally). And guess what, speaking of terrariums = I just set a date for another Linden Hill terrarium workshop with Jerry Fritz. We’re planning on Friday Sept. 28 (just in time for my annual pumpkin shopping spree with his son).

  5. Lisa from PA says:

    Jerry Fritz! Yeah! Will mark that on my calendar and let my garden club members know as well. Good reason for a road trip~

    • Tovah Martin says:

      That would be really fun, Lisa. And can you think of a better time to make terrariums than the end of September? Talk about glass when you need it the most…But right now — I’m thinking spring. Anybody know how the groundhog did this year? And why do we trust our gardening plans to a groundhog?

  6. Lisa from PA says:

    Phil said six more weeks of winter, whatever that is! My bulbs are coming up, they think it’s spring! I am wishing for a real winter with a bit (not a lot) of snow and some normal freezing temps. The garden needs it and so do the seasonal workers (snow plows, ski resorts, etc).

    • Tovah Martin says:

      Well, it’s true — my heart goes out to the ski resorts. But most of our yard service people are still jam-packed schedules cleaning up the debris from the Halloween storm. The arborist just got to my yard a couple of weeks ago. Meanwhile, the chipmunks have woken up. Clearly, they aren’t in cahoots with Phil.

  7. Maude Odgers says:

    That is soooo exciting Tovah. Congratulations! I hope you can post it as I don’t get that channel up here in our north woods. But I heard you were GREAT. None of us had any doubts about that. Glad you found Martha and crew so wonderful. Love the snowdrops in the terrarium too!

    • Tovah Martin says:

      Thank you so much, Maude. and I thought that a live audience would be intimidating = turned out that the audience made it so much easier. And of course, Martha’s a pro = she chatted with me until I felt like we were just two plant geeks touching antennae. All I’ve received to date is my promo photo with Martha…Stay tuned.

  8. Anna Lozano says:

    I really loved your article in the March/April edition of Victoria Magazine, just so fun and interesting to read. Stupendous how we can pick and choose the seeds, plant them, water them but it is
    God who creates the miracle of growth, we do the less than infinitesimal parts….
    Remembering Ash Wednesday today and looking forward to Resurrection of ourselves and of course our beautiful seeds and flowers.

    • Tovah Martin says:

      Thank you so much, Anna, I love writing the essays — it’s such a wonderful dialog with readers. I think it was Henry David Thoreau whose “Faith in a Seed” really hit home for me. It’s a miracle, for sure.

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