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Syringa ‘Bluets’

It’s coming into my office to find me again. Climbing in through the windows, pushing the curtains aside, floating over to the computer to lure me outside. Sometimes it throws its voice like a ventriloquist. Sometimes it spreads its sweetness … Continue reading

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Lonicera periclymenum ‘Serotina Florida’

Often, the garden is shrouded in darkness by the time I return from my evening walk in summer. I forgot my flashlight (again). I forgot to turn on the front door light (again). Street lamps are strictly budgeted in our … Continue reading

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Magnolia ‘Goldfinch’

There are no shirkers on my premises. At least, not of the woody kind. If you’re going to hang around in my yard, you darn well better perform. And I’m not just talking about a brief blooming gig, either. I … Continue reading

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Fritillaria raddeana

As you suspected all along, I’m a pushover. Why did I imagine that I could host a blog that rates plants? I’m incapable of criticizing anything. Even if I think that something doesn’t live up to my expectations, five minutes … Continue reading

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