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I’m all about sharing. I did it with my Barbie doll, my cookies, and my first marigold seeds. But sometimes, I feel like I’m gardening in a vacuum. Here I am (in Connecticut, by the way), thumbing through seed catalogs and everything is tempting. Same thing when I get to the nursery. I could easily empty my wallet and break my back planting perennials that aren’t perennial and sailor blue blossoms that are mauve. What I need is advice. How about you?

That’s when the lightbulb flashed. Why not create a forum where we can talk about which Panicum virgatum cultivar is really dwarf. And how are the new echinaceas working out for you? Any luck wintering over those Euphorbia amygdaloides hybrids in your zone? Has anybody else tried naturalizing species tulips? Which lettuce is bolt resistant for you during a hot summer? The goal is to make gardening a shared experience and to spread our wealth of knowledge.

So, I need your input. In a world where we can’t really trust plant tags, and catalog close ups are often hard to interpret (to put it politely), we need to touch base together. I wish you were online to talk me down when I put in the hollyhock chorus line (rust, rust and more rust). And you need to hear about the new drought-tolerant, knock ’em dead gorgeous celosia I stumbled on last summer.

Here’s how it works. I’m going to serve up a topic and tell you about my experiences — the good, the bad, and the mediocre. You chime in and tell me how it works for you. Give thumbs up or down. Suggest alternatives. Suggest topics. Whatever. We will cover all avenues of gardening including perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, vegetables, houseplants, groundcovers, lawn substitutes, you name it. Are you with me? I can’t do it without you.

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  1. irene eigner says:

    I agree, Tovah. I find that I really appreciate my solitude when I am deeply digging or hauling or yanking in my garden. But I would love to learn more and ask questions as they arise. I’m excited to see how things develop with your blog.

    For example; my latest pleasure is watching my terrarium quietly thriving by the north window, while the snow piles up just outside. I cut it all back and cleaned the glass sides with a dry cloth last summer when everything inside my jar was about to turn to mush (probably got too much light even in a north window?)
    I just want to suggest to anyone who is nursing a terrarium back from the brink, patience is its own reward.

    • Tovah says:

      Hey Irene,
      I’m impressed that the terrarium is chugging along in a north environment. Must be an unobstructed north. Good job! Tell you what, how about if I do an upcoming posting on terrarium plants? In the meantime, for more hints, check out the CBS Sunday Early Show this morning = I’ve got a terrarium workshop segment happening. —Tovah

  2. Beatriz Garcia-Goelkel says:

    Words can not tell the way I feel this morning when I saw the “Sunday Morning” program, which in my opinion is the best in the USA TV. I feel that I found what I’ve been looking for years. I came from Colombia where at some point in my life I worked with ornamental plants. Arrived to this country with my husband, three daughters, empty hands, a broken heart, and after had a life full of comfort I had to start from scratch. Currently, after 12 years working and a lot of efforts, I work in a Bank but do not do what I really love. Today seeing Sunday Morning, you inspired me to do what I truly love, to work with nature. Congratulations, I am deeply greatful that you shared with others your passion and you made me feel alive and willing to do things and move forward.
    Thanks again.


    • tovah says:

      We are so fortunate that you came to this country, Beatriz. We are blessed. You didn’t come to the USA with nothing. You brought with you creativity, a love for nature and beauty, and your strong spirit to thrive. Please = continue sharing all your talents with us. Make terrariums. Express yourself. Find every avenue that you can discover to help us see the treasures that grow everywhere we wander. Thank you, Beatriz. Please keep us posted. —Tovah

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