Jan/Feb 2011 Where I’m At

This is a running tally of where you can find me in the upcoming months:

Tovah Martin on the Newsstand:

  • Country Gardens Early Spring 2011:  Tulip Time in Maine
  • Coastal Home Winter 2011:  Gardening Under Glass
  • Urban Farm Jan/Feb 2011: Orchards of Brotherly Love
  • Hobby Farm Home Jan/Feb 2011: Home Tweet Home
  • LCT January 2011: A Flower Child in Litchfield

Tovah Martin upcoming lectures and workshops (see www.tovahmartin.com for more details:

  • March 5, 2011 ~ 11:00 AM: CT Daylily Society ~ Avon, CT. Terrarium workshop.
  • March 12, 2011 ~ 11:00 AM: Northeast Expo ~ Sturbridge, MA. Terrarium workshop. www.northeastfloralexpo.com
  • March 19, 2011 ~ 1:30 PM: Boston Flower & Garden Show ~ Boston, MA. Lecture ~ The New Terrarium www.thebostonflowershow.com
  • March 22, 2011 ~ 7:00 PM: Middlebury Garden Club ~ Middlebury, CT. Terrarium workshop.
  • March 27, 2011 ~ 3:00 PM: Lori Warner Studio ~ Chester, CT. Terrarium workshop. www.loriwarner.com

Tovah in other media:

  • blogging on gardeninggonewild.com

On the Road/In the Future:

  • April 8, 2011 ~ Terrarium workshop & Lecture: Des Moines Botanical Garden ~ Des Moines, IA
  • April 9, 2011 ~ Lecture: Knoxville Garden Club Anniversity Gala ~ Knoxville, IA
  • September 10, 2011 ~ Lecture: Master Gardeners ~ Rochester, NY
  • September 26, 2011 ~ Lecture: Basin Harbor Club ~ Vergennes, VT
  • October 2, 2011 ~ Terrarium workshop: Linden Hill ~ Ottsville, PA
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8 Responses to Jan/Feb 2011 Where I’m At

  1. i read your comments on the geum bell bank from ed bowen….i’m also an ed bowen fan and am growing bell bank and other geums as well. i’m having a problem finding sources other than ed for adding unknown perennials to my collection. i am in southeastern massachusetts between plymouth and boston and other than avant gardens there is little opportunity for unusual plant shopping (other than what i offer here)….would welcome suggestions from you for places within a day or two travel time…also welcome anyone who’s interested to visit our garden at 33 winter street in hanson, ma

    • Tovah Martin says:

      Went to your website, Justine, and I definitely will put your garden on my “must stop by” list whenever I’m in the ‘hood. I was going to suggest Avant Gardens, until I read further and saw that you’ve already found them. Very close to you is Alan Haskell (sp?), I believe. I love Peckham’s in Little Compton, RI. And you can’t beat the Farmer’s Daughter, also in RI not far from Newport. A little to your west is Uncanoonuc Nursery in Goffstown, NH = a GREAT resource. And then there’s Snug Harbor Farm in Kennebunk, ME (more about great annuals than perennials). And up in the MA hills is Hillside Nursery — shipping only — with their wildflowers. But nearby Nasami Farm offers many of Hillside’s plants retail. Good luck with the hunt!

      • thanks for your reply….would love to have you visit…will check out your suggestions….. stars in my shade garden now include tellima and disporum flavens…do you grow these? For sun the intermediate iris….red zinger, philanderer and blessed again are in bloom plus all the geums and the mini veronicas ….i love the primulas and they are still in bloom here under a perfectly grand forest pansy redbud…..what a great gardening year thanks to all the snow…..

        • Tovah Martin says:

          Hey Justine, sounds like you get around. I’m just back from Trade Secrets in Sharon, CT and that’s where I originally got both Tellima and Disporum, but without that annual resource, I would never have found them. And yes, they’ve become favorites of mine. (Wonder why tellima isn’t in the mainstream.) How does your ‘Forest Pansy’ bloom, by the way? Mine blossomed for the very first time this year and it’s far from “covered.” Don’t get me wrong = I love it anyway.

          • i sell both tellima and disporum here and have for quite a while…..our forest pansy is picture perfect….a real specimen….scares me when something is that good….you just know something bad will happen! it’s about 30′ tall and it’s been blooming profusely for about 3 weeks…now the leaves are starting to appear…..it’s been in our garden quite a long time….probably 15 years or so….my husband is an arborist so he keeps a close watch on our trees but so far the pansy has been pretty trouble free.

          • Tovah Martin says:

            That’s the clincher, Justine. Now you’ve totally tempted me. I’ve got to pay you a visit. I’ll let you know when my travels send me in your direction! Good to hear that ‘Forest Pansy’ works for you. In our area, it’s considered to be risky as far as hardiness goes.

  2. Justine Huntley says:

    When is your houseplant book going to be available?……..you’ve not made it to our area…we’re 20 minutes from Plymouth….but still would love to have you visit. The stars of my garden now are the daylilies…forest pansy has been remarkable this year….bloom and leaves both wonderful.

    • Tovah Martin says:

      I hear that The Unexpected Houseplant should touch shore by late August, Justine, thank you so much for asking! They tell me that I’ll see the first advance copy next week! Can’t wait!

      But you know how it is about traveling around = some years you end up always going in one direction. Other years you seem to continually take another path. This year, I’ve been running up to Vermont a whole lot. As soon as the trade winds send me in the Plymouth direction, I’ll let you know.

      Luck you with the forest pansy. Mine lost two major limbs in last autumn’s snowstorm. I’m just relieved that it’s alive, but it’s a shadow of its former self.

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